If you’ve visited Sonoma County, we know two things about you — you had a great time and you plan to come back. Sonoma County is an experience unique in the world - the beauty, the wines, and the food, and everyone who comes here leaves with their own personal list of favorites — wishing they could take that part of Sonoma County home with them.

Here at Sonoma Chef we’ve done that one better, we’ll deliver your favorite Sonoma County memories right to your door, anytime, fresh and ready to enjoy again. The great foods, the great wines, and a whole lot more that you have yet to discover.

Sonoma Chef has made arrangements with several small family owned wineries so we can provide, at club prices, some of the finest and most exclusive wines our county has to offer, special blends, very limited production, often not even available to the general public. Enjoy a gold medal winning Chardonnay with a Rosemary and Garlic CK Leg of Lamb — and if you have any questions as to the preparation or serving of your memorable meal, simply call our members-only Sonoma Chef Hotline. A professional chef will answer all your questions and offer serving suggestions to help make your meal the next best thing to being right back here in Sonoma County. Also, when you do visit us again, we can help plan your itinerary so you take full advantage of every minute!
About Sonoma Chef

Our mission is to provide only the finest Sonoma County products, delivered promptly to your home or office.

We invite you to join our Sonoma Chef Gourmet Club where you accumulate valuable points with each food or wine purchase. These points are redeemable for kitchen utensils, chefs’ apparel, cook books — even one on one consultations with our professional chefs.

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